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> 9th January 2018 - AES Awards 2017 & Third Annual t's
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 10:19 PM
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It's January, you know what that means.

What? No, not Ruse F Day, it's time for the nominations phase of the 2017 AES Awards and the Third Annual t's!

As always, here's the courtesy guidelines.
  • Please refrain from nominating yourself in any category if possible. The only exception to this rule is if there was an exceptional standout match this year that happened to coincidentally include your character, as long as you weren't the person who recorded and edited it.
  • Please try to cap off total nominations per category at five (5). If you nominate less, that's fine. If you're struggling and happen to nominate six for a category or two, I won't be mad either.
  • If you're confused as to what exactly entails a specific category, feel free to ask, or check the 2015 and 2016 nomination threads.

Who is the code? The code is...
[b]PPV/Supershow of the Year[/b]:
[b]Non-PPV Show of the Year[/b]:
[b]Male Wrestler of the Year[/b]:
[b]Female Wrestler of the Year[/b]:
[b]Underrated Wrestler of the Year[/b]:
[b]Most Improved Wrestler of the Year[/b]:
[b]Good Guy of the Year[/b]:
[b]Bad Guy of the Year[/b]:
[b]Rookie of the Year[/b]:
[b]Match of the Year[/b]:

[b]Moment of the Year[/b]:
[b]Title Reign of the Year[/b]:
[b]CAW Design of the Year[/b]:
[b]Feud/Storyline of the Year[/b]:
[b]Promo of the Year[/b]:
[b]Theme of the Year[/b]:
[b]Tag Team/Stable of the Year[/b]:
[b]Gimmick of the Year[/b]:

[b]CAW Designer of the Year[/b]:
[b]Promo Writer of the Year[/b]:
[b]The Mad Thinker Award[/b]:
[b]Most Improved User of the Year[/b]:

[b][u]THE THIRD ANNUAL t's[/u][/b]
[b]OMG! Moment of the Year[/b]:
[b]Thrilling Plot of the Year[/b]:
[b]All We Ever Do is Talk[/b]:
[b]The Douglas Adam Award[/b]:
[b]Riggy Diggy Oil Up and Shiggy[/b]:
[b]Best of the Rest Wrestler Award of Wrestling[/b]:
[b]The Golden God Fucking Dammit[/b]:
[b]Rear of the Year[/b]:

Please send your nominations via PM to me, Tange9t, by 11:59pm EST on January 24th! After that we'll compile the total nominations and form our ballots from there!

Good luck and have fun, everyone!

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