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Tiffy Lockhart
 Posted: Oct 29 2017, 08:30 PM
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Rain rain, go away, and stay that way if Nico Ni is indeed basic
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YE!! it's time again for National E-Wrestling Day!

I could gush a lot about how important NEWDay is for us but, I kind of already did that in the signup thread.


Remember, NEWDay is open to all comers, new and old, bestfed or deadfed, so if you have a friend that's into e-feds, know a cool community of CAW peeps, or just want to make a show yourself for the first time, this is the chance to get the word out and do the dang thing.

To any new members browsing the site, WELCOME! Check out whatever you like, but remember the golden rule:

(nah you're good if that's your thing you do you)

NEWDay is fifteen weeks away as of this post! You have plenty of time to plan out your contribution and make sure our NEW Day will be H

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I made ROSE, I made RISE, and I sometimes make FILR, my fox character that I ripped from an anime co-runs PANIC.
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