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Nov 5 2017, 09:23 PM
Hey, all!

So, quick message. After all of the restructuring with the admin team, we'd like to do another survey of the userbase just to gauge opinion. We'll be looking at every single one of these responses, so if you have a concern you'd like to bring up or a comment you want to give to the admin team, feel free to do so!

There's the link. Have fun and if you fill it out, thanks for your input!

- Goldeneye
Nov 5 2017, 12:11 PM

Hey! I haven't forgotten about GSB at all, don't worry about that. I'm just making this post because I'm going to be starting to book the upcoming PPV cycle and need to sorta finalize the roster. And so, I have a favor to ask:

If you have signed someone up to GSB as a secret signup, please PM me their full signup unless you already have done so. I know I've been very "yeah that's fine go ahead and just tell me who to signup and I can work with that", but I kinda did something stupid and didn't really keep note anywhere, expecting myself to remember. There's a few that I remember off the top of my head, but I worry that I'll make the first few shows with booking and then be hold "hey m8 where's this character" and it will have completely slipped my mind. Just to be safe, if you have a secret signup, PM me and I'll actually fucking keep note of it this time.

If you still want to sign someone up but haven't, now's your chance before I close the deadline. I'll be putting this deadline to about the end of the month because I want to get a show out in December.

But otherwise, thanks for being patient with me.
Oct 24 2017, 11:25 PM
Pixel was still up about 6 hours after she got in bed beside Mew. It was now 5:00 AM. The pink legendary's earbud was still in her ear, her head very much leaned heavily against a pillow.

Pixel on the other side of the bed, though, couldn't sleep. It wasn't necessarily due to any sort of stress or worry, but moreso because she was used to going a day or so without sleep due to instinct and previous experience.

And staring at the moonlight peering through the blinds completely calmed the Vulpix.

Pixel got out of bed. Her own fur on the top of her head ruffled due to laying down for a while. She yawned, jumped off of the bed, and walked into the living room. There was Mew's phone on a charger on top of the endtable and the remote on the couch. Pixel jumped on top of the couch and turned on the television.

As usual, what was on TV was AESPN. There, it was showing a classic match in the very early morning. Beardy VS Trippy. One of the legendary matches in an event that included Shaymin VS Groudon. She watched it all unfold, mentally taking notes as a fan. But her mind continued to wander to what she was thinking of in bed.

And that was contemplating her purpose.

Mew took her in when she was injured. It was something that sparked this friendship between the two and was something that Pixel would always be thankful for. But before all of that, and underneath her exterior was gritty survival and doing whatever it took to stay alive.

Pixel spent about 5 years in the wild, from 13 years old without family around her. The sheer amount of what she had to do in order to live in a lawless world shaped her moreso than she thought. She isn't shy because it is her native personality, she is shy because if she didn't become so, it would have been very dangerous considering her battle ability.

Pixel looks out the window now. A question just kept buzzing around her head.

"What's really my purpose? To stay like this for the rest of my life?"

It was a piercing question to herself. She was with Mew, in her new life in the Armbar Error Society. It was a completely different situation to what she was in before she met Mew.

But those thoughts burned in her head that just created self-doubt. The biggest being that Mew actually saved her. Was she worthless due to that? Was she going to remain as Mew's friend for the rest of her life and that was it?

Then, the Vulpix looked back at the television and it clicked in her mind.

She wasn't good at actual battling, only really surviving after that battle with sheer resiliency. But the feeling that she could eventually be good at wrestling... the thought gave her a bit of new life.

But the doubts... the fact she would actually have to talk to others and that feeling of intimidation... hell, the fact that Pixel would actually have to speak to the fans in order to stand out and become popular. Was it something that she felt like she could do?

She continued to watch the back-and-forth match between the two AES legends on-screen. Those feelings she had experienced continued to bubble out. That she could do this. That she [/b]could[/b] make it in wrestling. All of it battling with her inherent worry. That internal struggle that made the Vulpix shake to herself, that made her tear up with a decision that she felt would affect her for the rest of her life.

Pixel thought for a literal minute,

And then she slammed a paw down on the couch with a newfound determined look about her. A decision made in her mind.

I'm going to tear my fate out of my own being with the embers of the future,

Because I know I can do this."

The Vulpix gasped in heavy breaths after making something that was, in her eyes, a very important decision in her life.

But she needed someone to help her. Obviously Mew would always be there to help, just like the two have been as best friends. But Pixel wanted someone else to help so she could shape her own path.

She took one more look at the Trippy VS Beardy match and it was obvious at that point, considering what had just opened up. A place that would be a perfect starting ground.

Pixel took Mew's phone that was charging nearby, checking the address book for a specific wrestler. She had his number. Pixel tapped the button to dial it. And waited for the one on the other line to pick up.

"Hi, is this Joseph James? I'm sorry if I accidentally woke you up, I meant to get your voicemai- Oh, you're up at this hour? That's good.

Oh, right. This is Pixel, I'm Mew's friend.

But I've heard you now have a Battle Academy. And I was wondering if I could learn from you."
May 27 2017, 11:52 PM
Dallas VS Cowboy - Dallas VS Mark Anderson

Casey McCloud VS ???

Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather

DarkSydePhil Brooks VS The Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack II - No Holds Barred

@ZAPPKANON VS Cory Galloway

Dayfed Title: Batman VS Francis Ugondus VS T Bizkit VS Yoshikage Kira - TLC Match
Mar 25 2017, 11:14 PM
Hello! Time for more EXCITING NEWS!

Before I get into that, though, I just want to review some of the past announcements we’ve done lately, as we’ve been doing a lot more recently! With April just around the corner, let’s see where AES has gone this year:

-AES Awards went up for voting

-AES Award winners announced
-Our new domain name was discussed, approved, and put into place. If you are still using the old one, a reminder to update your bookmarks to!
-A long-awaited community survey went live. Results have since been reviewed, and I think we’re on the path to resolving any issues that were brought up!
-Staff restructuring. We changed the blanket “admin” position to three smaller ranks of “general manager,” “community manager,” and “content manager,” and added Phukfaic, Francis, IDBC, and Tiffy to the staff team.
-New banner initiative

-Restructuring of the AES Network, to find feds more easily.


This isn’t the main thing, but it’s also worth mentioning: We’ve updated the Patreon rewards and goals.

Our new rewards include custom Radio Armbar ads, art from the staff team, an opportunity to pick a game to be streamed, custom titantrons, and more!

As for goals, we’ve surpassed the $90 a month mark. We’ve added goals at $200 and $500. At $200, we can cover the entire site infrastructure costs, with enough left over to buy a dedicated server, offering possibilities for a 24/7 live stream, more bots, and other things like that. At $500, Dan won’t have to worry about paying rent, which means he could focus full time on AES content, guaranteeing a biweekly fed and other content!

To see where we stand on our Patreon, get more info on these rewards and goals, or to join in on funding, check it out here.


Moving right along, time for the big news.

This is something the majority of the staff team has been collectively working on. A lot of time has been put in to get this ready for launch, and it’s something that we’re hoping continues to get expanded.

Say hello to the AES Wiki

This was something we discussed a long, long time ago, but never really knew how to accomplish. If I remember correctly, it was something we briefly discussed way back when we were on the old site, around the time we relaunched the profile board subforum. I’m sure you’ve all used a wiki in some way, shape, or form before, and well, this is our version of it.

We’re hoping to have everything on here from characters, e-feds, supershows, championships, AES in-jokes, and more. The lore and world of AES is HUGE, and frankly, it can be quite difficult to get caught up, or it can be a bit discouraging to have missed so much info and not know what’s happened in AES history. This is kind of our way of remedying those issues. We’re aiming to keep this thing updated. And, like other wikis, the content here can be edited by anyone, so feel free to dive in and help us get this baby rolling!

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, be sure to hit us up! What do you think of these fancy new features? How are we doin'? Let us know!

And above all else, thanks for being part of the site.

Keep it cool,

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