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Feb 25 2018, 05:36 AM
Also featuring 5 other matches! We regret to inform you, however, that there will be no title match due to an unfortunate incident with a God of Destruction.

WHEN: Like I dunno once it's uploaded and probably a rerun tomorrow it won't be fed time because UWoT is on
Feb 18 2018, 04:56 PM
What's all this, then?
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  Have you ever thought to yourself, "Man, I wish there was a fed specifically set in the 100s and 200s of A.D. in the lands that would later become China, but instead of actually being Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it's a bunch of our characters, most of which are probably wielding unrealistic weapons and not from the lands that would later become China"?

No, just me?

Well, anyway, have I got the sampler platter fed for you!

Welcome to Ancient Empires... Sangoku Musou? Ancient Empires Sangoku Musou, sure. That's definitely a phrase that makes sense. "Any good storylines on these AES Musou shows or nah," I hear you ask. Well...

yeah the storyline is the best warriors in the world are competing in front of the best peasants at the wartorn mecca of China

"so is that a no," you reply, clearly attempting to no-sell how moving my pitch was. I recoil, shocked at your flagrant no-selling. Gasp. I give a more serious answer.

Ideally, I'm looking to start out with around... 14 small factions? These factions will over time be eliminated or create alliances with other factions and presumably merge down. Others might also emerge through rebellions or through free officers creating their own and taking a province. Various things can happen over the course of this. Officers can die, two big factions can form a pact to attack another big faction if they're getting worried about it. Leaders can be assassinated, or those assassinations can fail and be executed or imprisoned. Coalitions can form, and everything can go to shit in a heartbeat. Also people can marry and have kids and usually those kids will be abominations but it's really good trust.

Next, to address an immediate concern, yes, this is my third project. Yes, it is also my lowest priority. It's here to be a goofy fun thing on the side. Think DragonSoul to UWoT. That's this to both TANW and CoFE. I'll only record for this specifically to go on the pre-show of one of those two, and if I don't get it done before that show airs, oh well.

Also expect lots of political intrigue in the write-ups I'm all about that shit.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Now, in order to get started with this, I need a lot of characters. Such is just kind of how these games work. I'll stick in a ton of placeholders ezpz, but what this means is there's unlimited signups. Like, legit, I need loads, never feel bad about having too many people in because it's probably still less than I need to have a no-generics deal.

None of this is canon to anything but itself so don't worry about like "oh if I sign up this person and they die then what the fuck", it's entirely self-contained and exclusively to be goofy. That doesn't mean the characters have to be goofy though, they can be as goofy or as serious as you want. If you want someone with a super-tragic backstory who you actually RP as things progress, that's fine. If you want a shitpost that you never RP as and shows up to be a goof, that's also fine.

Also, characters' attire colour schemes will be determined by faction.

[b]Display Name:[/b] (12 characters or less, inc. spaces)
[b]Primary Weapon:[/b]
[b]Secondary Weapon (if any):[/b]

Feel free to skip over the rest and I'll come up with stuff. I'm not listing the stuff below because that would take way too long to type out, there's probably resources that have them listed if you really want to see them without owning the game.

[b]EX Type:[/b] (if weapon has multiple)
[b]Musou Attacks:[/b] (pick 2)
[b]Aerial Musou Attack:[/b]
[b]Rage Attack:[/b]
[b]Ability Type:[/b]
[b]Way of Life:[/b]
[b]Favourite Stratagems:[/b] (pick 4)

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General's Sword
Swallow Swords
Nine Rings Blade
Twin Swords
Dual Blade
Curved Sword
Flame Blade
Great Sword
Extension Blade
Lightning Sword
Striking Sword
Flying Swords
Sword & Shield
Mandarin Duck Hooks
Sword & Hook
Dual Hookblades
Flail Sword
Throwing Axes
Crossed Pike

Twin Rods
Three Sectional Staff
Short Rods
Circle Blade
Dragon Column
Dual-headed Mace
Iron Fan

Twin Axes
Dragon Spear
Crescent Blade
Double Pike
Great Axe
Double Voulge
Double-edge Trident
Siege Spear
Wheeled Halberd
Short Pike
War Trident

War Fan
Revolving Crossbow
Throwing Knives
Arm Cannon
Orb & Scepter
Flame Bow

Horsehair Whip
Chain Whip
Bow & Rod
Spiked Shield
Arm Blade
Shadow Fan
Shaman Rod
Paired Fans
Pugil Stick
Chain & Sickle
Emei Piercers
Talisman Cards
Wired Gloves
Woven Cloth
Art of War Scroll
Formation Rod
Feb 17 2018, 01:46 PM
Hello! It's me, Tan, and I'm back at it again with the news vans. I don't have any news vans, actually, that was a lie. I do have news, however.

That news is in the form of more changes to the staff team. As of now, two people are stepping down from the staff team, both voluntarily.

The first is one of our General Managers, Francis Ugondus, who is going to be moving away from home soon and training to be a wrestler. He's going to have his time split pretty hard, and would rather be around in a non-staff capacity and help wherever he can than be an empty seat.

The second is one of our Community Managers, Phukfaic, who is currently juggling University and now also a full-time job. His time has become increasingly limited, and he would rather use that time on things less stressful.

I'd personally like to thank them both for their contributions to the staff team, both during my tenure and during their own. They've both contributed a great deal to the team, both on a visible level and an invisible one.

This, of course, leaves us with two open slots in the team. Or rather, it would have left us with two open slots had we not decided to settle on a 3/3/3 formation for the time being. This does, sadly, mean that Jason has been snubbed once again.

The line of thinking here is that recruiting someone extra should we feel understaffed is, in theory, no harder than recruiting someone extra now. However, that would leave us with one too few General Managers and one too many Content Managers, which leads me to our next change.

Also as of now, I am no longer a Content Manager and will be filling the vacant General Manager position. I've somehow managed to sequentially take both of Francis's old positions. I'm the ultimate job thief, and soon I'll take your job too. All the jobs in the world will be mine.

Humour aside, I hope I can attempt to fill the Francis-shaped hole in the General Manager team, and I have every confidence that the remaining Community and Content Managers will be able to step up and fill in the Phukfaic- and Tan-shaped holes in their respective teams. I'll do my best to not delete all feds.
Feb 14 2018, 10:02 AM
A quick refresher on what the touring roster is, they're members of the roster that are around for a single cycle of 6 episodes before being cycled out for another touring roster. A character cannot be on two tours in a row, but can be on as many or as few as they like otherwise.

They are eligible to do absolutely everything the normal roster can do. They will be sorted into weight classes, they can be signed to a team and they can challenge for championships, whether it be the individual weight class championships or the Crucible proper.

It's one character per head per tour but I'm willing to bend on this, if you want to bring in a tag team for example I may allow it if you contact me. It's a hard cap of eight per roster, however, so please try and be considerate as to how often you do this.

Also, secret signups ARE allowed and it's first-come first served, so please bear in mind if you post your signup and I've passed the limit with secret ones that haven't been denoted in the thread yet it won't be counted, please rest assured it's not a snub.

If you've made them yourself, please delete everything below "Other info".

[b]Nickname:[/b] (delete if blank)
[b]Other info:[/b]

[b]Wrestling style:[/b]
Feb 14 2018, 09:09 AM
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Helen Highwater
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Derry The Cow
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