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About Us

About Armbar Error Society

Armbar Error Society is a community of wrestling eFeds - simulated wrestling shows created using video games or written in text form, where members create and promo/RP as wrestlers that are then featured on the shows. Founded in 2011, AES started as a place where wrestling fans of all types could gather, mingle, and participate in feds. All feds are given a home on AES, with full access to a free forum and our streaming platforms.

Whether an eFed is done in an old video game, the newest video game, is text-only, or even if it's being done in an experimental new way, AES's purpose is to give a fed-runner a home to do what they want and to give those interested in participating in eFeds a wide variety of places in which to partake.


Armbar Error Society started in 2011 when admin DerryB noticed a proliferation of eFeds without a home. He, along with admin ElBeardy and former admins TBK & Girly, decided to band together to create a place where all eFeds could be hosted and stored.

The first eFed to come to AES was World Wrestling Armbar, and it was from that efed that the site got its name. WWA was an eFed run by ElBeardy in WWF No Mercy and was responsible for bringing a large portion of the early AES userbase to the website. From there, eFeds such as TTW, SCW, ACES, and many more settled in AES, bringing with them hundreds of characters and hours of entertainment.


For the most part, AES's current eFeds are recorded in various video games - No Mercy, WWE2K14, and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns, among others - and streamed live on one of our many channels available on the stream page. AES has a home on Twitch, Hitbox TV, Ustream, and Livestream, and it also has a Youtube channel where archived shows and special events are uploaded, and it even has a radio station where entrance themes and other music associated with AES plays 24/7.

AES also streams videogames, especially ones that feature heavy crowd- and chat-interaction. AES's motto is "Act, React, Interact, Live", and all AES provides is meant to live up to that motto.  Whether it's wrestling streams, gaming, movies, or music, AES is a one-stop-shop for entertainment of all types.

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