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> 18th March 2017 - Network Recategorized!
Francis Ugondus
 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 07:19 AM
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Hello again! Five days ago I put out the call to do some AES Network recategorizing. I'm glad to say the team has done it! Big thanks to Joey, Tan, Sam, and Garet for volunteering to help. We now have every fed with an S3 Bucket categorized. I'm just gonna quickly go over how the categories are.

Every eFed that is currently airing or has aired has their stuff is under Current or Past eFeds. If you hover over the name a long list of the feds now show up! You wanna watch ACES? Just hover over past eFeds and now ACES is there! Oh wait, you wanna watch SAPW? Just hover over Current eFeds and BOOM. Easy!

I went with the "give every supershow it's own category" even like Friendmania which will just have one video. So all the supershows on the network have it's own tab! However I wanna talk about National E-Wrestling Day's. I opted not to seperate all of the NEWDs currently just because if you look at the bottom of the page, the categories are all there and it becomes a jumbled up mess. It doesn't sort alphabetically and if I did NEWD, then I should probably do more sub-sub categories for feds that would need them too like TDW, SAPW, and like CNW. But if you think we should add new sub-sub categories and say FUCK IT to the bottom of the page, just let us know.

Please please please use the new categories. We didn't just make 'em so you can put them in the old ones! So, using the new categories should be easy and they are mostly in alphabetical order. With that said, if you're starting up a new fed, you will probably appear on the bottom of the list.


Post questions in here if you got any.

- Franco

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