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> 13th March 2017 - Network Recategorizing Help Needed
Francis Ugondus
 Posted: Mar 13 2017, 02:31 PM
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Hello! It's your boy Francis Ugondus. I'm making this board announcement cause I will need your help! What is it I need help with doing some recategorizing on the AES Network page! Ain't that exciting? No? Oh well.

This is the basic gist. Right now on the Network page we got a few categories. We got Current eFed, Past eFed, Supershows, Podcasts, CAW Entrances, and some other things. Then we would use the tags to do specific things like see the fed itself or maybe just a specific AES wrestler. If you used the Network then you know the tags don't work too great. However, the categories are top notch. They work! So this is the plan of action.

The Network is about to get a whole big ol' category revamping. What that means is we'll get like fed categories so if you go up to videos you'll see the drop down and it's like "CURRENT EFEDS" then you hover over it and you can then see all the fed acronyms and things of that nature like you'll never have an issue finding your favorite episode of Clear Fork Pro Wrestling ever again. Plus it can make it easier for feds to move from Current to Past or anything like that.

So then you may be asking, "what's with the Help Needed?". Lemme tell you something not as a staff member but as your good friend Francis Ugondus. If I sent one dude to recategorize 39 pages I'd be lucky if they didn't drop out or end their own life. Seriously, ain't no one gotta go through that.

HOWEVER, the process can be made easier if I can divide the task. Like if it was just me, Joey, Tiffy, and Beardy, we'd already just split it to 10 pages each. Now what if I got an extra four people? That's just 5 pages each! We'd be done in like a minute!

So how can you help? Well listen all you gotta do is post in this thread and then show up and do it. I'll add you to some cool Discord pm group and we can talk about our favorite Kaiju movies (maybe) and when it's time to get it done, I will summon everyone in that group and we'll do it as a TEAM.

Which leaves the when, I want to do this thing on Saturday! Why Saturday? Gives me time to actually make the categories and gather up enough people as possible and give them advance notice! If I had to venture a guess at what time during Saturday. Just assume during Fed Time or maybe an hour or two hours earlier just because it's a generally known time here. Plus personally my sleep schedule is trash.

tl;dr, need to edit the network, need some help, post if you want to help, show up on Saturday.

Thanks for reading lads,

- ya boi franco

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