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Jul 7 2018, 06:23 PM
First off, this fed isn’t a substitute for DCP! DCP is very much still happening; there’s going to be an episode this month and we’re aiming to get another four out by the end of the year. You can 100% hit me with the ‘I told you so’ if I fail to meet this goal but yeah as of right now production is good and I’m pretty confident that we’ll make it!

That said, sometimes production on DCP slows while Sam has to shift his focus to ScrapYard, so HYPERION was born from the frustration that came with not being able to do a WHOLE lot on my own while Sam’s recording & editing his own stuff. As you all probably know, I was recently gifted WWE 2k18 and the means with which to play WWE 2k18, so what better way to familiarise myself with the game and stave off boredom than by making a whole-ass new fed all by myself!

So, that said, onto the important stuff:


Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out! It’s a canon fed, so you don’t have to worry about me killing your guys off, but there’s definitely gonna be a sinister & mysterious vibe to proceedings and the story will be gradually revealed to characters and audience alike over the course of the fed. Hopefully, HYPERION won’t be like anything you’ve seen before.

Onto logistics:

The sign-up limit is one per person. You can sign up either a male or female character, but (for plot reasons) no tag teams please! We have 16 slots for men and 16 for women, and I’ll be posting updates in the Discord when those limits are close to being reached, to make sure no one misses out. Feel free to sign up established characters, new characters, there's no restriction in that regard.

Ideally (seeing as me and Sam are now responsible for making one-and-a-half feds each) it’d be cool if your sign-ups were on CC, BUT fear not if you don’t have access to the game! Plenty of you guys were very nice and helpful when it came to getting my guys made for me before I had the game, so I’d like to return that favour if anyone does need their CAWs done, and I’m not yet at the stage where opening the game makes me hate my whole life.

In HYPERION, some characters will eventually “move on” in a manner of speaking (again: I will not be killing them!) and be removed from the roster; if this happens to your guy, don’t worry, you’ll be able to slide another sign-up in to replace them. If you don’t want to do this for whatever reason, the slot will be given to someone else, but only after you’ve specifically told me that you won’t be signing up a second character.

I think that’s everything, so here’s the sheet:

[b]Nickname:[/b] (if any)
[b]Billed From:[/b]
[b]Theme Music:[/b]
[b]Signature Moves:[/b] (Identify the moves and name them)
[b]Finishing Maneuvers:[/b] (Identify and name)
[b]Gimmick:[/b] (Sum up what your guy’s about!)
[b]Backstory:[/b] (Elaborate on their gimmick more here, plus anything else you might want to mention)

[b]CC Tags:[/b] (If applicable)


[b]Appearance:[/b] (Reference pictures or a description will do)
[b]Moveset:[/b] (Anything from entire movesets, to vague styles, to a preset, etc.)
[b]Victory:[/b] (Animation that plays after you win a match)

[b]Personality traits[/b]:
Dominant trait: (Which one of these 12 traits would you say is their dominant/main one?)

[b]Misc. Information:[/b]


1. Charlie Proxy (Lily)
2. Psymon Moore (Rozo)
3. SECRET (Pyro)
4. Knowledge Jones (Sam)
5. SECRET (Stardy)
6. SECRET (Kawada)
7. Helgrim (Phukfaic)
8. SECRET (spoomy)
9. SECRET (Nate)
10. SECRET (Holt)
11. Chris O'derick (Kris)
12. SECRET (Jordan)
13. Ryan O'Hare (aknl)
14. Trevor Edwards (Clock)
15. SECRET (Derry)
16. SECRET (Girly)

1. DJ Wavebird (Francis)
2. SECRET (Hinoa)
3. Poltergeist Paisley (Def)
4. Sin (Ken)
5. Connie Quinn (Matt)
6. Maya Mori (Monty)
7. SECRET (Tan)
8. Soraya Castillo (Sean)
9. Olivia Snow (Knite)
10. Baya Hazzard (Laura)
11. Violet Blake (Rezi)
12. Alice Skye (TBK)
13. SECRET (Niko)
14. SECRET (Dallas)
15. Aiko Shōkan (Joey)
16. Barbie Jay Tucker (Afro)
May 25 2018, 04:00 PM

This match will not be contested for points; it exists merely to showcase the vast array of curiosities and eccentricities AES has to offer!

Yadon vs. STRONK vs. Music Man vs. M.I.N.D.Y. vs. slime man over power vs. Upside-Down Man vs. Bazaar Magnus vs. a Mystery Opponent!


Two more newcomers arrive in DCP for the chance to battle it out for the Elysian Crown.

??? vs. ???


At Asphodel Meadows, these three fought on the same side; now it's time to see which of them can truly lay claim to being the strongest competitor!

Aisha Bishop vs. Siberia vs. Toxicoyn


The fastest man in DCP pits himself against the happiest! As both men have only one point to their name, losing this match will spell doom for one of them...

Speed Runnels vs. J.O.E.


In our first episode, she proved she has what it takes to survive in this business, but can she overcome the man who cheated his way to a third-round finish at Asphodel Meadows?

La Tempesta Azul vs. Prophet Osiris


Can this Asphodel Meadows finalist defeat the AES veteran who earned her way into the competition on our first show?

Ami Akonoe vs. Oseiko


Here's another match that won't be contested for points, but tune in nonetheless for this highly anticipated title defence!

Sanako Asano vs. a promising AES newcomer!


Recently, she expressed her desire to eradicate the enemies of Augus Roy; perhaps this noble quest will grant her the power needed to overcome a most fearsome opponent.

Shin Tracy Beaker vs. Gengar


They both went far at Asphodel Meadows, but there the similarities between these two wrestlers end!

Dinah vs. Tiara Rose
May 20 2018, 06:28 PM

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  The Ringmaster presented Augus Roy, the new General Manager of DCP, who in turn introduced a new world title; the Elysian Crown. He explained the points-based conditions of contendership for the title, articulated in more detail here.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  This match was an elimination match with a twist; winning it was of no consequence, but the number of eliminations a participant managed to rack up then equalled the number of points they'd have going forward. With that in mind, RoZo The Giant won the match and advances with 2 points, joined by La Tempesta Azul (1 point), Sammy (1 point), Samuel Oscuro (1 point), and Ramelle Lyon (1 point). Jenna Chang, Piper Reeves, and Michaela Morrow, securing no eliminations, have therefore lost their chances of participating in DCP's first ever title match.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  The veteran Oseiko defeated newcomer Jetta Jupiter via pinfall in a qualifying match for 1 point, notable for being the first-ever match on DCP fought by wrestlers who did not participate in Asphodel Meadows.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Shin Tracy Beaker defeated Speed Runnels via knockout and then declared her intentions to defeat all of Augus' enemies, as he is now her father. Shin Tracy Beaker advances with 2 points, while Speed Runnels hangs on with 1.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Gengar and Mascara Grafica visited Augus Roy in his office and inquired as to whether winning a multi-man match could net them more points than merely winning a singles match. Augus seemed not to have given this much thought prior to this impromptu appointment, but after a second's reflection - and perhaps having been unable to think of a reasonable way to reject this idea - he acquiesced to their terms.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  The match between Tiara Rose and Malcolm Taylor was interrupted by Prophet Osiris, who seemed to be attempting to interfere on Malcolm's behalf. This attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, as Tiara beat up Osiris and then proceeded to defeat Malcolm via knockout, leaving Tiara with 4 points and Malcolm with 1. Following the match, she got on the mic and issued a request to Augus; if he didn't provide her with another, worthier opponent to wrestle on that same show, she'd head backstage and find one herself.



Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Aisha Bishop defeated Momoko Shimizu-Mercer via pinfall. Aisha now has 2 points to Momoko's 1.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  Gengar took his earlier interaction with Augus very seriously, it turned out, having found himself two more opponents to battle - Mascara Grafica and Prophet Osiris - in conjunction with J.O.E., the man initially booked against him. Ultimately, Gengar defeated J.O.E. via submission and took points from every other person in the match, leaving the tally as follows: Gengar (5), Prophet Osiris (2), Mascara Grafica (1) and J.O.E. (1).


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  In a surprise match, Tiara Rose came down to the ring and announced that despite Augus not honouring her earlier request, she had managed to find herself a volunteer. This, ultimately, did not work out in her favour, as she was in turn defeated via pinfall by Freddie Louis. Freddie emerged from this bout with 5 points, while Tiara ended up with 3 - thus ending the show with the same number of points she'd initially started out with.


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  It was time for the main event, so Augus Roy came down to the ring to announce his choice of opponent. As expected, he named Jiro Kurotsu, his idol, as the man he most desired to wrestle out of everyone AES had to offer - then surprised the audience by acknowledging his lack of experience, and concluding that he was not yet worthy of facing his hero in the ring. Instead, he declared that he would continue to fight in Jiro's honour, and duly called up...


Spoiler (Show/Hide)
  ...Grigori Ginoveaf, who proceeded to lay his title on the line. What followed was a brutal & masterful encounter between the veteran and the up-and-comer in which Grigori ultimately prevailed, defeating Augus Roy via pinfall. Not to worry - Augus didn't seem too concerned by the loss, instead acknowledging that he had a long way to go before considering himself deserving of a match with Jiro Kurotsu, and pledging to work as hard as he can in order to hasten the arrival of that day.
May 3 2018, 03:49 PM
Aight I'm bored and unemployed so here's my new thing that I'm doing.

BASICALLY, name one of your OCs and I'll make a neat lil graphic for them kind of in the style of the one I made Sam for Christmas:

You can go into as much depth as you'd like with regards to what you'd like to see included (colours, song lyrics, etc.) or you can leave it totally up to me and I'll wildcard it, I'm fine with either. Can't say exactly how much time it'll take me to make bc it all depends on how many I get/how busy I am with DCP/whatever, but I can't imagine it'll take more than a couple of days! Also I'm by no means an artist of any description so these aren't gonna be professional quality or anything but w/e it's a fun lil hobby.

Drop your request in this thread or @ me on Discord!
May 3 2018, 10:24 AM

The mother’s desperate shriek, loud and shrill, pierces through the humdrum bustle of the town, cleaving apart the air it traverses like a hot knife through butter. Her fingers are outstretched but frozen in space, falling short, her child too far out of her grasp as he toddles happily off of the pavement and into the busy main road.

For a brief second, time itself seems to slow, waiting as if with bated breath for the inevitable, but then -

At the last second, a man passing by takes a long stride off of the kerb, grabbing hold of the child’s coat and yanking him roughly backwards just as a truck roars past, too fast and too close, blowing hot air and grit up into their faces. Startled but otherwise unruffled, the boy looks up at his saviour with wide, oblivious eyes.

“Thank you, oh, thank you, thank you,” the mother says as she hurries up to them, her handbag forgotten on the ground behind her. Her face is a picture of helpless, naked relief, so stark and raw that most people - overwhelmed by the sudden, forceful reminder of their own mortality - would struggle to look at it. The man meets her eyes calmly.

“That’s quite alright, ma’am.” His voice is soft and quiet, slightly accented - Eastern European, perhaps? - and pitched much higher than you’d expect from his appearance. He’s burly, dressed simply in jeans and a worn plaid shirt, but his beard and his hair are wild, unkempt, and his eyes are serious beneath bushy brows.

“No, really,” the woman says, and breaks off, patting herself down as if looking for something, then turning as she suddenly remembers the bag she’d dropped on the pavement. “You saved him; I have cash, please, let me give you something-”

The man holds up a hand, interrupting her. “I don’t need your money, ma’am.” Still quiet, his voice nonetheless has a note of finality in it that makes the mother pause in her tracks. “I would like to show your son something, though, if you wouldn’t mind,” he continues, the request polite but firm.

“Oh, I - well, I suppose,” the woman says, suddenly wary, her fingers tightening unconsciously around her little boy’s shoulder.

The man offers her a small, courteous smile. “There’s no need to worry, ma’am. It will only take a minute.” The smile doesn’t sit quite right on his face, like his features weren’t designed with the expression in mind.

The woman hesitates, then acquiesces. “Alright. Yes, okay then.”

“Thank you.” For the first time, the man drops his gaze, glancing down at the silent child, then back up to his mother. “What’s his name?”

“Oh! He’s Tommy - Thomas, I mean.” And then, nervously: “He’s only four.”

The man smiles thinly, stooping slightly and taking one of the boy’s hands in his own. “Well, Thomas, I’m Iago. Would you like to come with me?”

Thomas looks up at him, then twists to look up at his mother, uncertain. At his mother’s slight, encouraging gesture, he turns back around and nods firmly.

“Wonderful,” says the man, and begins to lead the boy away. The mother, on edge and protective, trails a few paces behind them.

They don’t go far. There’s a small oak sapling growing at the side of the road fifteen paces away from where the near-accident had taken place, and Iago comes to a stop as they reach it, kneeling down in the substrate surrounding the tree’s roots. There’s a hollow at the base of the tree, almost entirely concealed by fallen leaves, which Iago brushes away with a careful sweep of his hand. “Look, Tommy,” he says gently. “What do you see?”

The boy frowns, his eyes squinting as he peers down at the hole. After a long minute, he shrugs, mystified.

“You don’t know?” Iago inclines his head affably, seeming to have anticipated the boy’s response. “Well-” and he breaks off, indicating a small greenish-brown protuberance on the side of the hollowed wood. “Do you know what this is?”

Thomas shakes his head solemnly. “No.”

“It’s called a chrysalis. Can you say that?”

The boy thinks about it for a moment, then shakes his head again. Iago chuckles. “Well, that’s fair. It’s a difficult word. But that’s not the most important part, anyway.” He sits back on his haunches, brushing soil off of his knees, then continues. “Eventually, this little chrysalis will turn into a butterfly. Do you know what creature it would’ve been before?”

The boy’s eyes light up. “Caterpillar,” he offers triumphantly, the word muffled around the thumb he’s got lodged in his mouth.

“That’s quite right,” Iago replies, “You’re a clever boy, aren’t you?” Hovering behind the boy, his mother looks pleased, and a dimple bisects Tommy’s cheek as the corners of his lips curl up into a shy smile. “Yes, it used to be a caterpillar. They’re fascinating creatures, you know. They’re soft, and weak, so they form a relationship with ants, who protect them, and in return, they give the ants honeydew, which feeds them. And all this allows the caterpillars to survive long enough to get big, and find a safe place, so that they can turn into butterflies.”

“Butterflies are very pretty, aren’t they, Tommy?” says the mother, visibly warming to the strange man who’d rescued her son and was now providing him with an impromptu nature lesson. “We see them in our garden all the time,” she adds as an aside to Iago. “He likes the orange ones best.”

Iago returns her smile, tilting his head to the side in gracious acknowledgement, then points again at the oblivious chrysalis. “This one’s almost done,” he says. “You can see its wings folded up against its body - look, here, and here.”

Thomas leans in close to examine it, awed and unblinking, captivated by this new mystery, the magnitude of it, the strangeness of life.

“It’s magical, don’t you think?” Iago says, his voice hushed and reverent. “How these tiny little creatures are created knowing how to protect themselves. How beautiful it all is. How amazing.” He bows his head, sighs, and then - without hesitation or visible remorse - brings his palm down hard against the almost-done chrysalis, smashing it violently against the wood of the tree that had sheltered it. Tommy’s thumb comes out of his mouth with a soft pop as he immediately bursts into tears, letting out a choked wail and half-stumbling, half-falling backwards into the outstretched arms of his shocked mother.

“It means nothing.” Iago’s voice is hard, now, and he gets to his feet, towering over the mother and her son. “There are no second chances, boy, and there won’t be, ever. Not for them, and not for us. Remember this.”

The boy’s cries follow him all the way up the street. Iago Evermore feels everything at once, and nothing at all.
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