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Mar 1 2018, 03:58 PM
Asphodel Meadows is set to air in exactly one month. You'll be meeting the troupe in exactly one week.

Starting from the 8th of March, contestants will be announced in this thread. The final participant will be revealed on the 31st - the day before Asphodel Meadows Night 1.

The order of the announcements is completely random; each sign-up was assigned a number from 1-24 based on the order they were signed up in, then an online number scrambler was used to generate the order, which means, in short, that there's no foreshadowing or secret meaning behind each reveal.

To all contestants: your participation is appreciated, and we wish you good luck.
Feb 11 2018, 06:26 PM
What is Asphodel Meadows?

Asphodel Meadows is a three-night event, produced in Fire Pro Wrestling World, created with the main goal of introducing a whole host of new characters to AES all at once in a manner that will best showcase their unique personas and abilities. This cast of characters will compete with one another in a tournament spanning all three nights, with those who go out in the first round getting the opportunity to compete again in non-tournament matches on the last night to ensure that they get a decent showing for their debut. Each character, therefore, will get to perform in at least two matches over the course of this event.

Winning this tournament secures another opportunity for the victor: they will be granted the right to select any AES wrestler (within reason) as an opponent, to face them in another match set to take place at a later date.

Barring unforeseen disasters, Asphodel Meadows is set to air on April 1st 2018.

Rules and Regulations:

There are basically only two hard rules.

The first is that every character signed up has to be entirely new, meaning that they can’t have wrestled in AES before. As this is essentially the entire premise of the event, this rule won’t be relaxed for anyone. If you’ve had an idea for a character for a while that you haven’t been sure what to do with, this is the place to sign them up!

The second rule is that all sign-ups have to be completely secret, PMed to me on the AES website or sent to me over Discord. Obviously, I can’t stop you from talking about your sign-ups with one another, but this is highly discouraged. The reason for this is to preserve mystery behind not only the identities of the characters but also the identities of the handlers themselves. The characters will be announced prior to the event (one will be revealed each day in the lead-up to the tournament) but the handlers of each character will be kept private until after the tournament’s conclusion.

As this is a relatively small event, sign-ups are limited to one per person and I won’t be accepting reservations. Beyond that, there’s no limitations to who you can sign up; they can be any gender, size, age, etc. Sign-ups will be open until the correct number of contestants has been reached, so I’d encourage you to get in there quickly if you want to secure a place in the tournament!


Entrance music:
Wrestling Style:
Signature moves:
Finishing Move:


1. T**** R***
2. S**** R******
3. M****** T*****
4. A**** R**
5. D****
6. M******* M*****
7. T*******
8. F****** L****
9. R*** T** G****
10. S****
11. P**** R*****
12. L* T******* A***
13. P****** O*****
14. S******
15. S***** O*****
16. A** A*****
17. M***** S******-M*****
18. A**** B*****
19. M****** G******
20. S*** T**** B*****
21. J**** C****
22. R****** L***
23. G*****
24. J***** O*** E****
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