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Jul 14 2018, 02:45 PM
apologies if there's alreayd one of these, i didn't see it

So with me taking a backseat on e-fedding, I wanted to discuss plans I had that uh, won't be happening now! You can also use this thread if you want to do the same.

I decided to use the arrest of Brendan Zimmerman to give a kayfabe, official closing for SDW.

This was going to happen regardless. However, initially, I was going to use this to relaunch and rebrand SDW as Operation Wrestling. The images are too big and idr the code to make it smaller, so this tweet has images of the arena I made for it.

Brendan was set to be written off in an in-ring confrontation. Darryl Cox, using the evidence provided by Cipher, was going to confront him in the ring. Brendan would try to weasle his way out by using a hitman that was initially assigned to take down Jimmy Panic - who would have no-showed the event, again. The hitman, however, would have been revealed to be Chazz Connolly, as part of a sting operation put together by the SDW Board. SDW's doors would be closed, all contracts voided, and a new company, run by both Darryl and Chazz, would have emerged in Operation Wrestling.

Jimmy Panic
So I started telling a story with Jimmy Panic that, as of this point, I only did one promo for. It was establishing him as a rebellious anti-fascist, with a secret. The person he was speaking to in that phone conversation was none other than the man formerly known as Revolver, whose story ties into this.

Glenn Grafin, the former Revolver, was set to return to wrestling. Formerly working under a mask, he would reveal that during his time away, he began accepting himself and living life as himself.

Glenn and Jimmy together were going to tell two parts of a story that I intended to help me out with my own struggles. Glenn's return would include him coming out to the wrestling audience as gay. Not necessarily being the first, but aiming to embrace that identity and make it very in-your-face in an inoffensive way, with the goal of exposing younger audiences to a proud, openly LGBT+ role model. A spokesperson moreorless. The best comparison I can think of is independent wrestlers Parrow or Jack Sexsmith.

Jimmy was also going to be somewhere in LGBT+, although I hadn't explicitly figured out his position yet. He was going to be dealing with the struggle of hiding it, learning to accept it, and eventually coming out. His arrogance was his coping mechanism; if he stayed mean and pushed people away, they couldn't get in too close to find out the secret they might reject him for.

They were both going to be big gay punk boys, with Glenn trying to be what I wanted to be, whereas Jimmy would be where I felt like I was for a long time.
Jul 4 2018, 10:25 PM
Hey so uhhhh I've been crying for the past 40 minutes and I want to sleep, but also I can't stop crying, and I'm a big dumb gay happy mess right now so I am going to write some things here in the hopes that when I am done, the waterworks will be finished and I can get some sleep.

AES, thank you so FUCKING MUCH for being there for me over the past several years.

Every. Single. One of you. Even if we don't talk much, you are all my family and you have all been part of the support that got me through the god damn scariest and toughest times in my life. I am forever in your debt.

At the end of this month, I am turning 25. I have spent nearly 25 years not living for me, and instead doing what I thought everyone else expected of me or wanted me to do. I hated myself. And just earlier this year, I wanted to fucking kill myself.

After I accepted my sexuality, I was in a position where I felt the need to come out to my parents before I could do anything I wanted with my life. I don't like hiding things, and pursuing a relationship with another guy meant having to hide something from my parents, unless I came out to them. In early May, I tried to do just that... and I failed.

I couldn't fucking do it. Every time I tried to say it, something would stop me and my words would instead come out as this sad groan.

But then something happened, and I met a guy who changed EVERYTHING.

Alex has me overcoming my fears. For the first time in my life, I have a future, and I am doing things for me, I am doing what I want and not what I think other people want.

And I wouldn't be at this point if it wasn't for all of you.

In late 2016, a horrible fucking election in America, combined with some harsh comments from someone close to me, led me to doing soul-searching. Part of that was also influenced by seeing other people coming out on Twitter during a time when all of us American leftists were rightfully scared of what could come next.

I first came out on Twitter, but it was here on AES that I felt the most love. Each and every one of you made me feel valid. I grew up in a house and a society and a school system that taught me that gay was not okay. I was in denial about it for a very long time. I told myself I was bi and I could just have a straight-passing relationship, no need to worry about coming out or dealing with any of that stuff.

But late 2016 made me realize I wanted a relationship with a guy.

Some of the comments from you all when I decided to come out on AES legitimately moved me to tears. It was a time when I felt scared and alone, and I didn't know what the fuck to do. And you were all there for me! And you still are. Thank you so much. Again, I would not be where I am right now without you.

I am the happiest I've ever been in my life. I have every intention of moving out of my parents' home before the end of the year. I came out to my parents. I am overcoming my driving anxiety. I'm openly gay and accepted at my current job. I'm closer with my brother and his girlfriend than I've ever been. I've met Alex's parents and they like me.

Life is pretty fucking sweet right now, and, one more time: I wouldn't be where I am without you, AES.

My advice to any of you struggling with thoughts of suicide: I know this isn't the easiest advice, but please, stay strong. You are strong. You might not believe me, but some day, happiness will find you. Life will turn around. I don't know when you'll find it or what you'll find, but you will find happiness some day. I mean, I did. And I know all of you will too.

Part of what I loved about e-fedding (and wrestling, for that matter) is that it provides an alternative world that I can lose myself in. The paralyzing fear of coming out to my parents, or the agonizing loneliness, or the pain of knowing what I want but not being able to pursue it? None of that mattered when I got lost in this crazy world we created together. And I think that's part of why my interest in e-fedding is fading now: I don't want to escape reality anymore. Because now, I am building towards the reality I've always wanted.

Love is a powerful fucking drug. I highly recommend it.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you AES, for being my support system, my friends, and my family.

Jul 2 2018, 09:54 PM
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The commissioner of Shucky Duck Wrestling, Brendan Zimmerman, formerly known as Booker Z, was sentenced to life in prison this evening, following a quiet but extensive court case.

Darryl Cox, a former ring announcer who held a key position on the wrestling company’s board of directors, stood on trial as a representative of the company. SDW and the Board did not demand any money, but simply wanted justice for the acts Zimmerman allegedly was involved in.

“I was given evidence from an anonymous source that seemed to check out. I took that evidence and brought it to the authorities. Brendan Zimmerman was involved in the murder of a professional wrestler and sought out to cause more. Justice was needed,” Cox said.

According to the evidence, Brendan Zimmerman was purchasing hitmen to go after certain members of the SDW roster.

“They were all people he felt like wronged him. Thankfully, only one seemed to be a successful hit, but there were several others he was going after,” Cox said.

Thresh Ferghal died of severe injuries sustained after an attack by an anonymous masked figure on the evening of November 2, 2016. An internal investigation conducted by the SDW Board, with involvement of a private detective, failed to produce conclusive evidence.

“I have reason to believe Brendan had paid off the detective. He was being funded by Artemis Gerard, we’ve seen paperwork that proves it. Money wiring transfers can be tracked, and when this was brought to light, we had an investigator do just that,” Cox said.

Shucky Duck Wrestling will be closing for good following these events.

“It’s just been a rollercoaster. After all this, we on the Board collectively decided it might just be best to let wrestling go. We were involved in a mess. We felt like we let people down, and we kept an accomplice to murder working with us all this time. I’ve been personally trusted by the Board to sell the SDW arena and donate the profits to charity. All contracts are officially null and void,” Cox said.

Darryl Cox does not plan on starting up another company, but when pushed on it, said “never say never.”

“I mean… I guess it could happen someday, but right now, I need to get away from wrestling. I’ve seen some vile things while working for this company that you would not believe. Brendan didn’t show it in front of the cameras, but there was a certain wrath in his eyes. Some of us worked in fear under him, but we kept going because we were afraid of a company with no checks and balances. Turns out he was one step ahead of us all this time.”

We reached out to Brendan and his lawyer, but received no response.
Jul 2 2018, 06:15 PM
Hi everybody! It’s Ya Boy, Big Z, comin atcha with an announcement!

I’m gonna start it off with the point of this announcement.

Moving forward, I am stepping down from my position on the Community Management team. This is a decision I’ve made myself, as personally, I don’t really feel like I’m a good fit for the staff team lately, and I don’t want to waste a spot on the team.

As I’m sure some of you are aware, my life has turned around completely over the past couple of months. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, I’ve started being myself, and I’m in love. I’m motivated to make something of my life. And unfortunately, with that, e-fedding and AES isn’t really doing for me what it once did. To add to it, with the plans I have for my future, I frankly don’t think I’ll really have the time to put into this site anymore. When I am around now as is, I am barely focusing on AES. And I kind of feel bad about that. Maybe I’ve outgrown e-fedding. I dunno. It was fun while it lasted!

You’ve all helped me grow and become comfortable with who I am, and I love and thank each and every one of you for that. Being chosen to be on the staff team a few years ago meant a real lot to me. I had never been in any kind of position like that before, and knowing that enough people saw something in me to help lead the site. Wow. Thank you <3.

Going forward, I am going to be shutting down SDW. I had some big plans coming up that I was very excited for, but quite honestly, with how my life is now, I’m just not finding the time or energy to make those happen. I apologize to everyone that was counting on me for stories and plot points. Off the top of my head, that includes Sean, Stardy, Pyro, and Def. I know what a punch in the gut that can be, and I am very sorry to let you down.

As for my characters, I am going to make @ZappKanon public domain to fedheads. If you have a want for him in your fed, go for it! I am going to continue working on Cipher in JJBA. I want to explore finding closure with Richie Stevens, but I have yet to find the right direction to do that with. As for any other characters, if you want to continue using them in the feds I signed them up for, go ahead and continue doing that, just, I don’t think I will promo them. If you would like to use any of my characters in a specific way, feel free to ask me. Chances are I’ll say yes.

Essentially, going forward, I want to have a minimum role on AES. I intend on hanging around the community still, but I might be around less.

Thank you so much for being what I needed over the past several years. I love each and every one of you. AES has been the absolute most supportive group I’ve ever been a part of, and I genuinely don’t think I’d be at the position I’m at in life without all of you. You helped me accept myself, and I can only hope to be as supportive for the rest of you as you have been for me.

-Zac/Teezy/TZ/Tenacious Z
May 19 2018, 06:09 PM
As rumored, Jimmy Panic did not show up. He was replaced by THE TICKLER, RICK TRENT.

When things looked to be staying in the favor of Trent and Saint, Meneos decided to cut his losses and walk out.

The team of Rick Trent & Eugene Saint outnumbered Amateur 2-to-1. Using this to their advantage, Trent unleashed a ruthless barrage of tickles and stinky gloves to The Amateur, who could not handle the sheer hilarity and stench of it all and passed out. Rick Trent and Eugene Saint have earned opportunities at the HEART AND SOUL OF SDW.

Evan Wolf was the man known as Dark Matrix. He introduced himself and apologized for all that he had done in the past, before demanding that anyone who had something to say take the opportunity to do so.

Out came REMATCH JACKSON, who had been eliminated by Dark Matrix at DEMOLITION DERBY. He demanded a rematch.

In a match that went about five minutes, Evan put down Jackson with a running knee. And before he requests it, Rematch Jackson will NOT get another rematch.

SHONK’s sheer mass proved to be too much for the South Korean Rasta. The musclebound meathead defeated Stuckie with a Shellshock. Shonk has earned an opportunity at the HEART AND SOUL OF SDW.

The current Heart and Soul of SDW, Zebadiah Thurston, delivered a sermon, declaring his intention to take down the pillars that hold up the foundation of AES. He vowed to make a miracle happen in order to open the eyes of his ‘children’ in the audience, and in order to accomplish just that, he called out one of the biggest names in AES history (both literally and metaphorically): Groudon.

In a nine-minute epic that could have gone either way, the power of He Who is Great led Zebadiah to victory over the giant God of the Ground, proving that Zeb is worthy of the title HEART AND SOUL. Zeb countered an Earthquake and responded with a Burial at Sea.


(OOC: Throughout the show, there were promos between each commercial break detailing why Cipher attacked Cole, who Cipher is, the mystery behind Thresh Ferghal’s death, who planned that, and where the money came from in funding SDW. These did not air within kayfabe as part of the show, but were added in to give background and explain what’s been happening.

Cipher attacked Cole as means of revenge for being ditched and left behind during NOW. Cole played a key role in what happened with Cipher. Cipher said that he lost his identity and Cole was playing along in a paid attempt to make Cipher think the memories he was given were real.

The plan to attack Thresh & Cole both came from Brendan Zimmerman, who was after revenge for different reasons. Thresh ruined Brendan’s plans when he attacked Tommy Haykawa at SDW Future. Cole, as the only champion, was walking out, and Brendan would not have that. Other attacks were in planning stages, but never happened.

The funding for SDW all came from Artemis Gerard. There was a deal that the two would work together: Brendan would relaunch SDW and build it up into a big name company. Artemis would continue to fund it as an investment, and, when it became big enough, would buy it out from Brendan, giving Brendan enough money to pay off his financial debt.

Cipher revealed all of this to a member of the SDW Board of Directors, Daryl Cox, with the goal of disrupting the system. Cipher wants to burn the industry down and sees Brendan as a symbol of everything wrong with the world. Cipher promised that, if Daryl does not act and do what is necessary, he will go after Daryl next. He vowed that this is only the beginning.)
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