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Latest News
21st October 2017 - @EpicKiraX
Posted By: Teezy @ Oct 21 2017, 09:33 PM
Oi’m afraid oi’ve got som bad news m8

So, uh, somebody was recently looking into rejoining the site. We are putting a stop to that.

That somebody is EpicKiraX.

Kira left the site in April, citing a lack of motivation and AES taking a toll on him. He left kind of abruptly and had all of his characters written off. There were some things going on then that we were considering banning him over, and quite frankly, he should’ve been banned then.

Kira was prev ... [more]
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24th September 2017 - New General and Content Manager!
Posted By: Francis Ugondus @ Sep 24 2017, 10:31 PM
Hello! I'm here with a board announcement intended to use the ever popular @everyone tag late at night to bother you all.

That is not the intention actually as we got some news.

As you are probably well aware, our boy, DanBDanielson, Dan for short, is moving up in the world. He's got a nice job, losing weight, and making cash money. Also however, he's also very busy and is stepping down as AES General Manager and moving on to big things. I'm very excited for m ... [more]
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25rd March 2017: Year Recap, Patreon, & AES Wiki
Posted By: goldeneye101 @ Mar 25 2017, 11:14 PM
Hello! Time for more EXCITING NEWS!

Before I get into that, though, I just want to review some of the past announcements we’ve done lately, as we’ve been doing a lot more recently! With April just around the corner, let’s see where AES has gone this year:

-AES Awards went up for voting

-AES Award winners announced
-Our new domain name was discussed, approved, and put into place ... [more]
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18th March 2017 - Network Recategorized!
Posted By: Francis Ugondus @ Mar 18 2017, 07:19 AM
Hello again! Five days ago I put out the call to do some AES Network recategorizing. I'm glad to say the team has done it! Big thanks to Joey, Tan, Sam, and Garet for volunteering to help. We now have every fed with an S3 Bucket categorized. I'm just gonna quickly go over how the categories are.

Every eFed that is currently airing or has aired has their stuff is under Current or Past eFeds. If you hover over the name a long list of the feds no ... [more]
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13th March 2017 - Network Recategorizing Help Needed
Posted By: Francis Ugondus @ Mar 13 2017, 02:31 PM
Hello! It's your boy Francis Ugondus. I'm making this board announcement cause I will need your help! What is it I need help with doing some recategorizing on the AES Network page! Ain't that exciting? No? Oh well.

This is the basic gist. Right now on the Network page we got a few categories. We got Current eFed, Past eFed, Supershows, Podcasts, CAW Entrances, and some other things. Then we would use the tags to do specific things like see the fed itself or maybe ... [more]
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